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New Horizons Graduates are prepared and driven to succeed. 25 years of success in technical training business and partner relationships enables us to understand employers needs, train accordingly then match positions from a diverse pool of certified talent.

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“An award-winning technology training center, New Horizons of South Florida leads the industry and offers hands-on learning courses to prepare students for future careers in information technology. With locations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West.”

Alexander Delgado

“Teaming up with New Horizons has been a great. Together, we’ve placed Veterans who are qualified and ready to join the workforce. In giving back, we’ve also been afforded the opportunity to teach current practices which ensures higher rates of success in the IT sector. Our mutual partnership has been very fulfilling, providing Veterans a better experience with education, job placement, and quality of life.”

Brandon Braunstein

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Our graduates are ready for the challenges that the 21st century brings. Our program prepares our graduates to excel
in fast-paced, on-site and remote environments. Our graduates are motivated to succeed in collaborative
or self-directed roles, they have the tools and certifications that bring value to any organization.

Our Graduates come to you armed with the soft skills, technical skills and industry-recognized certifications, including:

New Horizons hiring partners enjoy
a reliable pool of talent that are expertly
matched to the job requirements.

New Horizons students are life-long
learners will be prepared for today
and the future.

Worldwide New Horizons has trained
over 30 Million students with
industry-leading technical training.

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Ready to partner with NH to match your open position with the right talent? Hiring partner benefits:

Talent Pool

Exclusive access to our graduates’ resumes and portfolios before they hit the job market

Identify high-potential candidates even before they complete our program

Networking Opportunities

Invites to talent events and career fairs

Opportunities to engage with our students and community

Company Showcase

Feature your organization to a captive and highly motivated talent pool